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Purpose of this project is to create a serial port transport channels and encoders for industrial automation protocols. As serial transport is generic, encoders for other applications can also be developed.

Quick start

  • Download latest change set from here
  • Build SerialClient.sln, SerialEcho.sln
  • Setup virtual com ports (If there are not serial ports available)
    • Download and install emulator from here.
    • After installing open Setup Command Prompt as administrator.
      You may find it at C:\Program Files\com0com
    • install PortName=COM7 PortName=COM8
      You may get some warnings which can be ignored. Wait while system installs drivers. 
  •  Now start SerialEcho\bin\<config>\SerialEcho.exe
  • start SerialClient\bin\<config>\SerialClient.exe
  • You can now send message in serial client and echo reflects and send back

For better understanding of source, go through FileTransport series from Nicholas Allen's Indigo Blog


Current version depends on an argument called request. This is tightly coupled with Interface.
This depends on single request and its response. Channel can not handle when it receives more than a response for given messageId.

Road Map

Need to support for message queue to handle responses.
I would also like to build a MODBUS encoder and integrate with transport channel.

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